Private Label Rights Seller’s Tips

If you own a mailing list or run a Give Away site, you can insert a One Time Offer page in between the Index and Thank You Page/Member Area where you offer your Private Label Rights product.

2.Include your terms and conditions in the same page as your sales letter or one page away from it so that your prospects know in advance if your offer is what they are looking for. You would not want to disappoint them after finding out that the terms and conditions are not in their favor.

3.You can only do so much by yourself. You can leverage your marketing efforts on Joint Ventures and affiliates. If you are planning to create multiple products with Private Label Rights, you can purchase exclusive Resell Rights from other product authors or Private Label Rights sellers, modify them, and resell them and keep all the profits to yourself.

4.If you are selling Private Label Rights alone to the product, you can pitch in a different sales letter that offers exclusive Resell Rights to your Private Label Rights product to a specific group of people. Usually, the ones who are interested in acquiring Resell Rights are resellers and Private Label Rights membership owners.


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