Selling Your Own Private Label Content – Step-by-Step

Step 1:     Create Your Private Label Digital Product

You can create either an E-book or article packs and sell their raw, editable formats to your customers.

The E-book is by far the best selling digital product commodity on the Internet and if writing is your forte, creating your own Information Product is for you. Furthermore, there are more people who are familiar with the Word program than programming software, which means that the E-book market is obviously bigger and worth targeting.

So to begin with, open your Word Program and start creating your own Information Product!

I would strongly recommend you go create PLR e-reports FIRST before attempting a full blown PLR e-book. Short, sharp PLR reports are know to sell fast and hard.


Your Information Product should resemble like any proper E-book should be where it should have a front cover, followed by its legal and copyright notices, table of contents, contents, and conclusion.


 As long as the product provides quality information that people are willing to pay for, it will do.

Hot Tip 1: When creating a Private Label Rights Information Product, content in quantity is just as crucial. The reason people want to buy from you is because they want to save time and effort from having to create the gamut themselves.

Hot Tip 2: Don’t add in too many diagrams and pictures. It is okay to add some diagrams and images in a few places in your Information Product. However, they should not take up more space than the words in the product as it is generally harder for people to change them or even remove them because for one, not everyone are well-versed with graphic designing (maybe that is why they buy Private Label Rights from you in the first place). And secondly, removing the diagrams and images may just make the product senseless thus your customers are unable to do anything to change the diagrams and images.

Hot Tip 3: When creating a product, write from the perspective of an author reaching to the person who paid good money to have your information. In short, meet the demand. Although you are not going to take any credit and that other Internet Marketers are going to buy from you, remember that the reason your customers buy from you is because they want to cater to their customers as well.

 Here are just a few examples of information that people are looking for online and are willing to pay for them:

·How to build your own mailing list

 ·How to make money from affiliate marketing

·How to be successful in your personal career and finance

·How to date women

 ·Practicing Yoga for a Healthy Living

·How to cure acne from home remedies

 ·The possibilities are virtually unlimited… as long as there is a huge demand and people are willing to pay for it!

Don’t Have What It Takes to Create Your Private Label Rights Product?

 If you do not have the time to write, or even have good writing skills for that matter, consider the following alternatives:

 ·Hire a ghostwriter. You can hire a ghostwriter to do the writing for you while you do the marketing – just make sure you profit from it! If it would cost you $500 – $2,000.00 to hire a ghostwriter to get a product done, and you sell the Private Label Rights to the product at $97, and you sell 100 copies, you would make $9,700. Your profit margin would be $9,700 – $500 = $9,200!

And if you hang around forums long enough, there will be lots of eager young newbies offering to write your e-books for unbelievably LOW prices!

 ·Buy the Resell Rights to the Private Label Rights. Some Private Label Rights sellers sell the Resell Rights to their Private Label Rights products, separately or together. That way, you can cut short your time of acquiring your own product and maybe creating your own graphics and sales letter and focus your effort on marketing.

Note that these two alternatives, either way, are costly. The other way is:

·Interview the experts on a certain topic. I am not really referring to conducting a formal interview, though that is one good way. But you can always exchange opinions and knowledge with another business associate or friend who is an expert on a certain subject and that he has information that people are willing to pay for. There are no copyrights on text in informal E-mails, chat boxes and words over the phone, right?

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