Step 2: Architect Your Private Label Rights Terms and Conditions

Now, THIS is very important! You write a separate document indicating what your customer can do and cannot do with the Private Label Rights to your product.

Architecting your own terms and conditions is entirely up to you because this is YOUR product and not mine. However, here is a list of questions you will want to answer as you write your own terms and conditions. At the same time, I will also describe to you my own insights and studies on each term.

Can the customer:

 1.Sell the Information Product? If you are selling Private Label Rights to an E-book, the answer is normally “yes”. You can set a minimum/maximum retail price, if you wish to.

2.Give the product away for free? Usually, Private Label Rights seller allow their customers to do this by chopping the product into several reports for free distribution, building their mailing list, viral marketing, and so forth.

 3.Create multiple articles? Most Private Label Rights sellers allow their customers to do this. Their customers can create multiple articles for article submissions or as contents for their web site or blog.

4.Resell the Private Label Rights product? At this time of writing, majority of the Private Label Rights sellers restrict their customers from reselling the editable format to other people. If their customers want to have the same license as the Private Label Rights seller, they will have to purchase the Resell Rights license separately, which can cost 4-10 times the normal price.

 5.Convey Basic/Master Resell Rights to the product? Only some Private Label Rights sellers allow their customers to convey Resell Rights to the complete product in .pdf format.

6.Sell the product as it is? Normally, Private Label Rights seller require changes to be done on the part of the Internet Marketer before selling the product.

Be extra sure to restrict your customers from:

 1.Spamming. This is probably an Internet Marketer’s biggest sin.

2.Using your product for illegal or immoral purposes.

3.Using your name or impersonate as you. It is for your customer’s use, not yours.

Once you are done architecting with your terms, proof-read it and convert the .doc document into .pdf file using your PDF Converter. The following is an example of my Private Label Rights license that I include together with my Private Label Rights product.

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