Step 3: Write Your Sales Letter

I cannot be covering ALL aspects of writing a good sales letter in detail in this guide, as copywriting is whole broad subject by itself. But I will let you know what you strictly need to know when it comes to writing a copy that does all the selling of your Private Label Rights product to your prospects for you.

Note: IF you are plain hopeless when it comes to copywriting, I strongly urge you to engage a good copywriter to do the sales letter writing for you. Yes, engaging a good copywriter can be costly, but I think that not making any money is more expensive.


This is what is going to decide whether your prospect will stay on or turn away from your sales letter – that is how important your headline is.

In short, the headline of your sales letter summarizes the offer you have for your prospects. In the case of selling your Private Label Rights product, your headline can go like the following:

School of Thoughts:

1.Your prospects are only one – Internet Marketers, as only Internet Marketers are interested in acquiring Private Label Rights products. Thus writing your headline is easy as your offer appeals to only one kind of market.

2.Let your prospects know that they can own a product in their name (Private Label Rights) and that they can save time, money and effort from having to create a quality product.

3.Let your prospects know what product you have to offer – it may just be the type of Private Label Rights product they are looking for.

Sub Headline

Below your letter’s head line, your sub headline should follow and confirm your prospect that this is a stunning offer he is going to get from you thus encourages him to continue reading your letter way down.


From: [Your Name]

Date: [insert script that automatically shows today’s date]

Dear Friend/Internet Marketer,

You can safely address your prospect even with “Dear Internet Marketer” because when selling Private Label Rights, the ONE and ONLY type of prospect who is likely to be your customer is an Internet Marketer – crisp, simple and no need to read minds here.

Start your letter with introducing yourself and addressing your prospect’s problem which he is facing (with almost dead certainty).

Some of your prospect’s problems/challenges can be:

1.I want to own a product in my name – and I know that is what it takes to succeed online.

2.Creating my own product is time and effort consuming.

3.I am a horrible writer.

4I am a horrible programmer.

5I just want to get to the marketing part because that is where the money is! I do not care what people are looking for but as long as I have a product that meets the demand (and a legitimate one at that, you don’t want your customers to be drug lords, do you?), I should be focusing my efforts on marketing. Oh and by the way, I want to have the product in my name.

6I want to get started as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I know nuts about writing my own sales letter and creating my own graphics for my sales letter and product E-cover.

Now that you have confirmed your prospect’s challenges (and your prospect will definitely agree), you introduce your solutions.


Private Label Rights to:

[Your Product Name]



Now, it is time to let your prospect know what is in store for him. Yes, he probably has a clue about your product by now, but what can he get from your product? And what has it go to do with answering his problems or even solve his challenges for that matter?

Examples of benefits that your prospect can get from your product are:

1.You get the product in .doc and .pdf format. You are allowed to add, remove, and edit the product contents, title and even put your name on it as the author!

2.You do not need to spend $1,200.00 and 1,800 hours of work into creating a quality product like this – because I have already done it for you!

3.You can create multiple free reports with the contents of this product. You can use them to build your mailing list, reward your subscribers with gifts, and spread your own links across cyberspace like a virus!

4.You can create an E-course or E-zine of your own. With the contents in this product, you have 40 weeks of content!

5.You can create multiple articles and include your resource box at the bottom of each article before submitting them to article directories thus spreading your reputation online which can be responsible for your expert status!

6.(f you have included a pre-written sales letter with your Private Label Rights Product) You have just saved $3,000.00 from hiring a copywriter to write the sales letter for you!

7.(If you have included graphics such as E-covers) You get customizable E-cover graphics in .psd format, allowing you to edit them and put your name and title on!


If you have any testimonials, include them as they will encourage your prospects to buy from you.


Include bonuses, if you have any, to offer to your prospects. Note that bonuses are not mandatory because if your prospect can see the value he is getting from your offer, the bonuses would not really matter.

Calculate the Value of the Offer

This is the interesting part – which can also be responsible for your next sale.

Basically, you calculate the entire value of your offer, which can cost your prospect THAT much if purchased individually or engage professional services to have the product done.

While the total value can be $4,096.00, you are going to offer your Private Label Rights product at, say, $97, to your prospects.

However, let your prospects know that there is one catch, and that is you are only going to sell a limited number of copies e.g. 500 copies.

Why Limit Your Copies?

Since you are selling Private Label Rights to your product, you are allowing people to alter the product and claim the product as their own without giving you any credit.

You also want to protect your customers’ businesses as well as your own. If you are selling unlimited copies of Private Label Rights to your product, not only will it make your Private Label Rights product less valuable, you are damaging everyone’s businesses because there is little to no reason for people to buy PDF E-books.

Conclude Your Offer

Persuade your prospect to buy from you NOW before he forgets – or before the copies get sold out. Include your Order Form and conclude the offer with a series of P.S. (post-scripts).

Other Important Things

1.Terms and Conditions. Make them clear to your prospects on what they can do with your product if they purchase from you. You want them to know if it is the right decision to get your product’s Private Label Rights.

2.Guarantee. Believe it or not, it is NOT necessary to put a guarantee seal on your Private Label Rights product. This can sound absurd and maybe something a consumer would condemn but the truth is that, you are selling the editable rights to your product and if you convey a guarantee to the product, you are taking a lot of unnecessary risk.

For one, you would probably run into a jerk who is already planning to ask for a refund right after purchasing your Private Label Rights product. It would not have hurt you and your business much if the product is in its locked format (.pdf format), because your name, content and links are still intact, he cannot do anything to change them. Not so with Private Label Rights product where he can change them, alter the contents, use his own links, and claim authorship to your product.

While not giving a guarantee because of this reason can be acceptable to some, the drawback is that you would not be getting as many sales as you would have if you give a guarantee. Most prospects would need a form of confirmation or guarantee to take advantage of your offer. Maybe they know and trust you, maybe they do not. But then, if you are targeting savvy Internet Marketers and that they know you, this should not be a problem.


Make your sales letter layout look expensive and professional. Use fonts that are easy to read. I suggest using fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, Courier New, and Georgia.

Thank You Page

Once you are done with your sales letter, create your Thank You Page where your customers will be directed to after ordering from you.

The Thank You page is also a suitable place to collect your customer’s details for future leads, insert back-end advertisements, reward your customer with surprise bonuses, or all of them!

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