Step 2: Architect Your Private Label Rights Terms and Conditions

Now, THIS is very important! You write a separate document indicating what your customer can do and cannot do with the Private Label Rights to your product.

Architecting your own terms and conditions is entirely up to you because this is YOUR product and not mine. However, here is a list of questions you will want to answer as you write your own terms and conditions. At the same time, I will also describe to you my own insights and studies on each term.

Can the customer:

 1.Sell the Information Product? If you are selling Private Label Rights to an E-book, the answer is normally “yes”. You can set a minimum/maximum retail price, if you wish to.

2.Give the product away for free? Usually, Private Label Rights seller allow their customers to do this by chopping the product into several reports for free distribution, building their mailing list, viral marketing, and so forth.

 3.Create multiple articles? Most Private Label Rights sellers allow their customers to do this. Their customers can create multiple articles for article submissions or as contents for their web site or blog.

4.Resell the Private Label Rights product? At this time of writing, majority of the Private Label Rights sellers restrict their customers from reselling the editable format to other people. If their customers want to have the same license as the Private Label Rights seller, they will have to purchase the Resell Rights license separately, which can cost 4-10 times the normal price.

 5.Convey Basic/Master Resell Rights to the product? Only some Private Label Rights sellers allow their customers to convey Resell Rights to the complete product in .pdf format.

6.Sell the product as it is? Normally, Private Label Rights seller require changes to be done on the part of the Internet Marketer before selling the product.

Be extra sure to restrict your customers from:

 1.Spamming. This is probably an Internet Marketer’s biggest sin.

2.Using your product for illegal or immoral purposes.

3.Using your name or impersonate as you. It is for your customer’s use, not yours.

Once you are done architecting with your terms, proof-read it and convert the .doc document into .pdf file using your PDF Converter. The following is an example of my Private Label Rights license that I include together with my Private Label Rights product.

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Selling Your Own Private Label Content – Step-by-Step

Step 1:     Create Your Private Label Digital Product

You can create either an E-book or article packs and sell their raw, editable formats to your customers.

The E-book is by far the best selling digital product commodity on the Internet and if writing is your forte, creating your own Information Product is for you. Furthermore, there are more people who are familiar with the Word program than programming software, which means that the E-book market is obviously bigger and worth targeting.

So to begin with, open your Word Program and start creating your own Information Product!

I would strongly recommend you go create PLR e-reports FIRST before attempting a full blown PLR e-book. Short, sharp PLR reports are know to sell fast and hard.


Your Information Product should resemble like any proper E-book should be where it should have a front cover, followed by its legal and copyright notices, table of contents, contents, and conclusion.


 As long as the product provides quality information that people are willing to pay for, it will do.

Hot Tip 1: When creating a Private Label Rights Information Product, content in quantity is just as crucial. The reason people want to buy from you is because they want to save time and effort from having to create the gamut themselves.

Hot Tip 2: Don’t add in too many diagrams and pictures. It is okay to add some diagrams and images in a few places in your Information Product. However, they should not take up more space than the words in the product as it is generally harder for people to change them or even remove them because for one, not everyone are well-versed with graphic designing (maybe that is why they buy Private Label Rights from you in the first place). And secondly, removing the diagrams and images may just make the product senseless thus your customers are unable to do anything to change the diagrams and images.

Hot Tip 3: When creating a product, write from the perspective of an author reaching to the person who paid good money to have your information. In short, meet the demand. Although you are not going to take any credit and that other Internet Marketers are going to buy from you, remember that the reason your customers buy from you is because they want to cater to their customers as well.

 Here are just a few examples of information that people are looking for online and are willing to pay for them:

·How to build your own mailing list

 ·How to make money from affiliate marketing

·How to be successful in your personal career and finance

·How to date women

 ·Practicing Yoga for a Healthy Living

·How to cure acne from home remedies

 ·The possibilities are virtually unlimited… as long as there is a huge demand and people are willing to pay for it!

Don’t Have What It Takes to Create Your Private Label Rights Product?

 If you do not have the time to write, or even have good writing skills for that matter, consider the following alternatives:

 ·Hire a ghostwriter. You can hire a ghostwriter to do the writing for you while you do the marketing – just make sure you profit from it! If it would cost you $500 – $2,000.00 to hire a ghostwriter to get a product done, and you sell the Private Label Rights to the product at $97, and you sell 100 copies, you would make $9,700. Your profit margin would be $9,700 – $500 = $9,200!

And if you hang around forums long enough, there will be lots of eager young newbies offering to write your e-books for unbelievably LOW prices!

 ·Buy the Resell Rights to the Private Label Rights. Some Private Label Rights sellers sell the Resell Rights to their Private Label Rights products, separately or together. That way, you can cut short your time of acquiring your own product and maybe creating your own graphics and sales letter and focus your effort on marketing.

Note that these two alternatives, either way, are costly. The other way is:

·Interview the experts on a certain topic. I am not really referring to conducting a formal interview, though that is one good way. But you can always exchange opinions and knowledge with another business associate or friend who is an expert on a certain subject and that he has information that people are willing to pay for. There are no copyrights on text in informal E-mails, chat boxes and words over the phone, right?

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Private label Rights : What You Need Before Getting Started

You will need the following before getting started on selling Private Label Rights:

1.       Word Program

If you are going to create a Private Label Information Product (E-book), you will need a Word program to create your Information Product in .doc format. If you are using Windows 95/98/2000/XP, the Microsoft Word program should already be installed in your PC.

Alternatively, you can use a NotePad program to create your Information Product in its raw format, though Microsoft Word much more preferred.

2.      PDF Converter

You need a PDF Converter program that converts your Word format to PDF format. If you do not have any PDF Converter program installed in your PC, you can get an Adobe PDF Converter program for free at

Open office is another one but I’d like to add that any serious marketer should get the proper ADOBE PDF converter.

3.      Graphics Program

You need a program to design your product’s E-cover. I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 to design my E-covers. Alternatively, you can outsource your e-report/e-book covers. You can get them very cheaply.

4.      Good Sales Letter

This is a very important element of your Private Label Rights sales success. If you cannot convince your prospects to buy from you, you cannot make any sale in spite of how good your product is.

5.      Web Hosting and Domain Name

You need web hosting and domain name to store in your Sales Letter, Thank You page and your digital Private Label Rights product.

6.      Auto Responder

You need an Auto Responder to:

·Follow up with your prospects who do not buy from you for the first time, and

·Build your mailing list. By having your own mailing list, you can make your money from your customers within a short period of time.


Recommended Autoresponder:               [AWEBER]


This is one of the best; if not the best, autoresponders out there in terms of email deliverability, handling spam complaints, ease of use and great customer service. I’ve personally used it for over 2 years now and it handles ALL my lists. In fact, most marketers prefer Aweber over other autoresponders.


7.      Merchant Accounts

You will need this to collect online payments from your customers. And sell your product. There are many places you can do this like:

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Making Money Selling Private Label Rights

The following are ways you can make money from selling Private Label Rights products:

·Upfront Sales. This is the most attractive part of selling Private Label Rights. Private Label Rights can range from a few dollars to even thousands of dollars, depending on the quality of the product, its demand and how proven it is.

Selling Basic/Master Resell Rights to the Private Label Rights product. You can sell the Basic/Master Resell Rights to the editable, raw format of the product separately. If your buyer wishes to resell the Private Label Rights, you can charge him 4-5 times the normal price of the product and up to 10 times if the buyer wants to have the Master Resell Rights, allowing him and his customers to resell the Private Label Rights to the product, as you are doing.

The Pros

You can make a lot of money from selling Private Label Rights, as it is one of the most expensive rights there is in Internet Marketing.

Your customers are mainly Internet Marketers, and savvy Internet Marketers are usually busy people and they prefer to focus their efforts more on marketing than product creation and setting up. Thus they do not have any problems with making purchases on Private Label Rights products, as long as you give them good reasons to buy from you and that you help them save their time from creating their own quality product from scratch.

The Cons

There is often no residual income in selling Private Label Rights products. This is because your customers, who are mainly Internet Marketers, will edit your product and use their own affiliate links. Unless you start a Private Label Rights membership site, you make your money solely from upfront sales.

Selling Private Label Rights products means that you cannot take the credit of authorship. One of the main benefits that make Internet Marketers buy from you is because they want to have the privilege to put their name on the product as the author. You remain anonymous.

Creating your own Private Label Rights product demands a high degree of expertise, talent, thorough research, programming (for software) and writing skills on your part. If you do not have any of these traits, creating your own Private Label Content can be a difficult challenge.

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Click the oldest date in ARCHIVES in the menu on right of the screen to get to the start , and I’ll walk you through the whole process. (start at the bottom of the page, and work upwards).

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